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Was Atlantis a Minoan Civilization on Santorini Island?

Researchers have been speculating about the location or nature of Atlantis since Plato first wrote about it. A huge variety of theories have arisen, especially in modern times. Popular theories include identifying Atlantis with the Azores, Antarctica, or South...

Akrotiri, Santorini—the Bronze Age City Preserved in Volcanic Ash

Akrotiri, the 3,600-year-old city on the island of Santorini buried by ash from a gigantic volcanic eruption in 1650 BC, frozen in its Bronze Age glory, serves as an exquisite time capsule for contemporary archaeologists who learn more every...

Fossilized Olive Leaves are Reminder of Prehistoric Volcano on Santorini

Fossilized olive leaves from a tree that was alive 60,000 years ago on the island of Thira (the modern Santorini) are immortalized in the volcanic ash that encased them after an eruption. The exquisite fossils were discovered at an old...

Ancient Stone Spheres Found in Greece Could Be Part of a Game

Archaeologists from the University of Bristol have recently discovered that mysterious stone spheres found at various ancient settlements across the Aegean in Greece could be playing pieces from an ancient board game. There has been quite a lot of speculation...

How Did Bronze Age Greeks Know About Asian Monkeys?

Scientists have debated why Bronze Age wall paintings at the ancient site of Akrotiri depict monkeys that came from thousands of miles away in Asia for years.

The Greek Monkey Mystery, an Important Clue to Bronze Age World

Ancient frescoes like that of the Greek monkeys on Santorini suggest Europe and south Asia had trade links as long as 3,600 years ago.  By Tracie McKinney & Marie Nicole Pareja Cummings The blue monkeys painted on the walls of Akrotiri on...

Santorini Boasts First Painting of Nature Scene in European Art History

The Spring Fresco found at the Late Bronze Age site of Akrotiri in Santorini is considered to be the first painting of a nature scene in European art history

Best Places to Visit on Santorini Island

There are numerous Greek islands, and they all have their own unique character. One particularly impressive island is Santorini. In fact, Santorini is made up of several islands making up a small, circular archipelago. This distinctive formation gives it...

Top Ten Most Spectacular Greek Archaeological Discoveries of 2020

This is the top 10 most spectacular Greek archaeological discoveries 2020, another banner year for Greece in the realm of archaeology.

“Treasures of Akrotiri” Exhibit Travels to Russia for First Time

Artifacts from Santorini will leave Greece to be exhibited in Russia in summer 2021 as part of the Treasures of Akrotiri exhibit.