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Reforestation: How to Turn the Greek Landscape Green After Fires

With every devastating fire in Greece, reforestation becomes the second most crucial issue after state assistance to those affected. Former West Attica Forest director Dimitris Spathis offered his ideas about reforestation exclusively to Greek Reporter in an interview. Last August, the government...

The Countries that Have Sent Firefighting Help to Greece

Cyprus and Sweden have sent firefighting help to Greece in order to aid in get the massive fires raging across the country under control.

Greece's Flying Firefighter Fleet in 'Borderline Condition'

The condition of Greek airborne firefighting fleet after 40 years of services was described as “almost borderline” by the Greek Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias. “Air forces are making major efforts to maintain the planes in a good state but...

Greece Aerial Firefighting Fleet Down by Half than that in 2011- Age-Old with Terrible Lack of Equipment

In 2011, Hellenic Air Force had 12 fire helicopters while a year later, they had less than half, down to only 5. Moreover, half of the 21 Canadair aircraft used to extinguish big fires by air have not yet...