Erdogan Renames the Aegean as “Sea of Islands”

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan referred to the Aegean Sea by the name “Sea of Islands”, as he continued his provocative rhetoric against Greece.

Turkey Claims Greek Fighter Jets “Harassed” Vessel in Northern Aegean

Turkey charged on Tuesday that Greek fighter jets had “harassed” its research vessel Cesme while it sailed in the Northern Aegean.

Turkey Announces Massive Military Exercise in the Aegean

Turkey announced on Monday that it will conduct a large-scale naval exercises in the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea between February 25 and March 7.

Greece Protests Turkey’s Hydrographic Survey in the Aegean

Greece protested to Turkey on Thursday over the country's announced plans for an hydrographic survey in the center of the Aegean.

Turkey Warns Greece on Extending Territorial Waters in the Aegean

Turkey warned Greece on Wednesday not to extend its territorial waters in the Aegean out to 12 nautical miles. Ankara's warning came after the Parliament in Athens voted overwhelmingly to ratify a bill extending Greek territorial waters in the Ionian...

Are Greece-Turkey Talks Doomed to Fail?

The Greece-Turkey talks are more likely than not to fail, analysts say, as the two sides prepare for recommencing negotiations on January 25, after a  five-year hiatus. The exploratory talks between the neighboring countries will take place in Istanbul, as...

Greek, Turkish Vessels Collide in the Aegean

Greek and Turkish vessels collided off the Greek islet of Imia in the south-eastern Aegean on Wednesday. According to Greek defense sources, the incident involved two coast guard vessels and it occurred in Greek territorial waters. The Greek speedboat from was...