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Thessaloniki Cuisine Takes Stage at National Geographic Food Fest

Greek gastronomy and in particular the tastes of Thessaloniki will be served up at the  National Geographic Traveller Food Festival in London this weekend. The two-day festival in the United Kingdom, which will be on July 16th and 17th, includes...

Pfizer’s Bourla Donates $1 Million to Holocaust Museum in Greece

Pfizer's CEO Albert Bourla announced last week that he is donating his $1 million Genesis Prize towards establishing a holocaust museum in Thessaloniki, Greece. Dr. Bourla, 60, said he was donating the entire sum to the museum in his native...

Diaporos: The Exotic Greek Island with Warm Waters All Year Round

Diaporos islet in Halkidiki, northern Greece, is like an exotic island, with crystal clear warm waters and no winds all year round.

Ancient Greek Lyres Make a Comeback in Thessaloniki

The ancient Greek lyre is on display to be seen and played at a unique interactive exhibition of ancient musical instruments in the heart of Thessaloniki.

Mysterious Object Found Submerged off Coast of Greece

A strange, unidentified object was found off the coast of Greece on Google Maps, and social media users have been debating its identity. The first person to locate the object, which is submerged off the coast of Michaniona, near Thessaloniki...

Rotunda in Thessaloniki: The Oldest Surviving Church in Greece

The Rotunda, built by Roman emperor Galerius in 306 AD, is the oldest of Thessaloniki's churches and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was built at the turning point between the pagan and Christian world, probably as a temple for...

Greece’s Pivotal Role In SEE Cooperation

European officials asserted Greece's pivotal role in the region, following the conclusion of the South-East European Cooperation Process summit.

Four Britons Arrested in Greece on Cocaine Smuggling Charges

Police in Greece announced on Friday that four British nationals have been arrested on drug smuggling charges after nearly 300 kilograms (660 pounds) of cocaine was found stashed in a shipment of bananas from South America. The suspects were arrested...

Fire in Downtown Thessaloniki Leaves 11 People in Hospital

A fire that broke out in the Chamber of Handicrafts building in Thessaloniki on Friday afternoon has left eleven people hospitalized. The building, located in the center of the city at Aristotelous Square, burst into flames on Friday. Firefighters and...

Aristotelous Square, The Jewel of Thessaloniki

Aristotelous Square is the main city square of Thessaloniki, which is Greece’s second largest city and the capital of Macedonia.