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From Father To Son, PASOK Celebrates its 37th Birthday

In 1974, a couple of months before the colonels' junta collapsed, current Prime Minister's father, Andreas Papandreou, left Toronto and returned home, in order to create the Pan-Hellenic So-cialist Movement, known as Pasok. Andrea's political "child" had a a tint of Marxism mixed with a nationalist and socialist agenda. Thirty seven...

Rubens Stolen in Belgium, Found in Greece

Greek officials say police have recovered a valuable 17th century painting by Flemish master Peter Paul Rubens, which was stolen a decade ago in Belgium. Two Greeks have been arrested in the operation when they allegedly tried to sell the...

Students Protest Against New Education Reform

Athens' downtown Panepistimiou street was closed to traffic at noon Thursday as university students from all over the country rallied against reforms to higher education contained in a new framework law on tertiary education that went into effect on...

Greek Tax Changes that will Make Your Wallet Lighter…a Lot Lighter

Greek tax legislation changes resemble pretty much Latin American soap opera episodes[...]

Greek-Turkish Friendship Festival in Bursa!

World peace day is an inspiring event for the municipality of Brusa!  They have organized the Greek-Turkish Friendship Festival scheduled for the 1st and 2nd of September. During the Festival many events will be held to enhance the Greek-Turkish friendship. More...

Colonel Gadhafi's Greek Ties

Almost thirty years ago, Gadhafi along with Mitterrand, was enjoying Cretan hospitality in Andrea Papandreou’s favorite resort in Elounda. But times change and it is from the same island, with the full support of Andreas Papandreou’s son, that NATO has brought the Colonel to his limits.

What Lies Beneath The Hoodie: London 2011 vs. Athens 2008

August 2011: as a result of a police fatal shooting, disaffected hooded youth burn[...]

Survival Guide for Big Fat (Expensive) Cretan Weddings

Amid the Greek crisis, the salary cuts and the tax invasion, you would think that weddings in Greece[...]

Ouzo Reloaded: The Anise Flavored Liqueur Gives Mojitos a Taste of Greece!

The hot Mediterranean sun smothers the harbor towns of Greece in the afternoon[...]

With Effort Comes Privacy-Attica’s 5 Most Secluded Beaches-For Free

In case life hasn’t treated you well and for some reason you are stuck in boiling [...]