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Oil Spill From Syria Threatens Cyprus Shores

An oil spill originating from Syria's largest refinery has proliferated across the Mediterranean Sea and is inching towards Cyprus' Karpas peninsula. The treacherous oil slick, which is nearly the size of New York City, has seeped across international waters...

Iconic Cyprus Cheese Halloumi Receives Coveted PDO Status

Halloumi, the iconic Cyprus cheese that is the ultimate comfort food of that island nation, will hit the market on October 1 with its new PDO label after receiving the coveted protected origin of designation late from the European Union. After...

Greek PM Mitsotakis in USA to Settle Daughter at Yale University

Greece's Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis will be taking a three day trip to the United States to help his daughter, Dafni Mitsotakis, settle in at Yale University in Connecticut. Mitsotakis' trip was announced by the Greek government's spokesman Giannis Oikonomou. "I...

Turkish Drones in Occupied Cyprus Deepen Tensions in the Region

An air base in northern Cyprus is currently hosting drones from Turkey, causing tensions to rise throughout the region. Cyprus, politically divided after the Turkish invasion of 1974, has felt that the Turkish government is reproducing its "expansionist agenda"...

Cyprus Remembers Brutal Murder of Tassos Isaac by Turkish Nationalists

August 11 marks 25 years since the brutal murder of the Greek Cypriot demonstrator Tassos Isaac inside the United Nations Buffer Zone in 1996.

Jordan Joins Greece, Cyprus in Opposition to Turkey’s Varosha Plans

Greece, Cyprus and Jordan called for a "comprehensive and viable settlement of the Cyprus problem" after Turkey said it would reopen Varosha.

UN Security Council Slams Turkey on Varosha Plans in Cyprus

The Security Council of the UN issued a strong statement against Turkey on Friday in regards to the recent announcements about Varosha in Cyprus.

Cyprus Gains Momentum in US Politics; UN Calls on Turkey to Reverse Course

The Cyprus issue is gaining momentum in US politics after the latest provocation by Turkey to announce the reopening of part of Varosha

US Warns Turkey on “Provocative” and “Unacceptable” Cyprus Stance

The US sent a stern warning to Turkey on the anniversary of the invasion of Cyprus, saying it opposes a unilateral decision to open Varosha.

Cyprus Marks Anniversary of Invasion as Turkey Reopens Part of Varosha

Cyprus marked the anniversary of the Turkish invasion of 1974, while Erdogan announced the partial re-opening of the ghost town of Varosha.