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Coffee Culture in 1926 Athens

A striking image in at Athens' Syntagma Square, apparently taken during the late morning in the summer of 1926, has recently resurfaced

The Ancient Curse Tablets Found in Athens Well

A discovery of a trove of ancient curse tablets was made recently in Athens' downtown neighborhood of Kerameikos (Ceramicus).

Neaera, the Athenian Child Slave Raised to be a Courtesan

Neaera was a child slave from fourth century BCE Athens whose life is sorrowful. She was put on trial and caught amid petty politics.

Ancient Mass Grave Museum in Greece at Risk as Grant is Canceled

A planned ancient mass grave museum in Faliro, Greece is at risk after a major grant by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) was canceled due to delays in construction. The museum was to protect and display eighty skeletons discovered in...

Jews Were “An Integral Part” of Greece From as Early as 4th Century

A Greek inscription referring to Jews dated to between 300 and 250 BCE was unveiled at a new exhibit in Athens, proving that Jews were an integral part of ancient Greece. The precious piece was discovered at the sanctuary of...

The Role of Slavery in Ancient Greece

Slavery in Ancient Greece was acceptable and common, as in most organized societies of the time, yet with differences between city states

20 Fascinating Facts about Greece

Everyone knows that Greece is the cradle of Western Civilization, however, there are some facts that very few people are aware of.

The Tiny Islet in Greece That Has Its Own Natural Pool

A tiny islet off the coast of Attica near the Kaki Thalassa area has such a shape that it gives the impression it features a swimming pool.

Top Spots for Sightseeing Around Syntagma Square in Athens

Syntagma Square has literally been the very heart of Athens ever since the city became the capital of the modern Greek state.

Acropolis on a Wheelchair: “Never Been So Happy to See Concrete!”

The decision by Greek authorities to place concrete in some pathways of the Acropolis in 2020 is still causing controversy among archaeologists and the general public. According to the Ministry of Culture, the cementing of certain areas was part of...