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1923 population exchange

The Greek Speaking Turks of the Town of Catalca

There is a Turkish town called Catalca that is full of Greek speakers, many of whom have a distinct northern Greek accent.

Daughters’ Dowries of Asia Minor Greek Family Returned Decades Later

It has been 98 years since the day the Minoglu family were forced to leave Honaz, Turkey, entrusting their daughters' dowries to the family of their Turkish neighbors

Greece To Re-Bury Turkish Corpses From Ottoman Era

Greek authorities announced that they will rebury Turkish corpses from 1923 that were unearthed in the northwest province of Chalkidiki.

Shooting Starts for Greek-Turkish Co-produced Film, ‘Ismail and Roza’

A film titled "Ismail and Roza," an adaptation from Greek author Yannis Yanellis' novel of the same name, has begun shooting in Istanbul. The project is a Greek-Turkish co-production under direction of Yorgos Kordellas. The film's screenplay was written by Christina Lazaridi and...