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1821 Bicentennial

The Liberation of Tripolitsa in the Greek War of Independence

The siege of Tripolitsa, Greece (today's city of Tripolis) was a pivotal moment in the Greek War of Independence, and it remains a point of contention between Greeks and Turks, as reflected in the way it is portrayed by...

Fireships: How Greece’s Daring Sailors Destroyed the Turkish Fleet

The fireships were a weapon of necessity used by the skilled sailors of the Greek navy to a devastating, asymmetric effect during the Greek War of Independence.

Best Greek Bicentennial Moments of 2021 All Around the World

A list of all of the best Greek bicentennial moments around the world would really be too long to write in one story -- celebrating the milestone of 200 years of Greek independence after declaring war against the Ottoman...

Bicentennial of Greek War of Independence to be Marked in Toronto

The Hellenic Heritage Committee of Toronto will mark the bicentennial of the beginning of the Greek War of Independence with the dedication of a new plaque at a historic Greek community center in the city on October 30. The year...

Hellenic Parliament Honors the Greek War of Independence

The Hellenic Parliament is honoring the bicentennial of the Greek War of Independence with two new commemorative events.

Greek Fashion Designer Creates Unique 1821-Inspired Collection

Greek fashion creator Eleanna Tabouri has created an elegant capsule collection inspired by traditional Greek costumes and 1821 fashion.