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Ancient Greek Amphitheater at Laodicea Restored to Former Glory

The ancient amphitheater in the Ancient Greek city of Laodicea, located in the ancient Greek area of Phrygia, has been restored. The mammoth task of...

Thorikos, Oldest Known Theater in the World Lies Abandoned in Greece

Thorikos, north of the ancient mining town of Lavrio, is an an archaeological site where the oldest known theater in existence still stands.

Why Did Ancient Greek Actors Wear Theater Masks?

One of the most enduring art forms from ancient Greece is that of theater. Greek tragedies and comedies are a touchstone for understanding ancient...

Ancient Greek Theater Discovered on Crete

An ancient Greek theater has been discovered at the remote ancient site of Lissos south of Chania on Crete, the Ministry of Culture and...

Mystery of Exceptional Sound at Greece’s Epidaurus Theater Solved

The ancient mystery of the great sound quality at the ancient Greek theater of Epidaurus has finally been solved, researchers posit.

War and Theater in Ancient Greece

  Contrary to war, theater was a place of light and allowed Greeks to face each other and learn of their history together in the...

Restroom Found in 2nd-Century BC Theater in Smyrna

A restroom with running water used by actors in a 2,200-year-old theater in Smyrna was recently discovered. Originally constructed in the second century BC, the...

The Athens and Epidaurus Festival Keeps Ancient Greek Theater Alive

Each year, actors, directors, and theater lovers from around the world come to Greece to participate in the Athens and Epidaurus Festival. One of Europe's...

The Magnificent Ancient Greek Theaters of Messene and Sicyon

The ancient Greek theaters at Messene and Sicyon in the Peloponnese were centers for drama and culture in ancient times.

Ukraine: “300 People Killed” in Mariupol Theater Bombing

Ukraine's officials at the city of Mariupol said on Friday that around 300 people were killed at the bombing of a theatre last week. Petr...