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Destinations Around the World Currently Open to Americans

You're probably itching to explore somewhere you've never been before after a long and stressful year inside. Well you're in luck! If you are...

Greek Student Who Lost Parents to Covid Excels in University Entry Exams

A Greek student did extremely well in his Panhellenic exams despite losing both of his parents to the coronavirus earlier this year. 

Summer Rainstorm Causes Torrential Rains in Greece

A major summer storm hit Greece, particularly Attica, where Athens is located, on Friday afternoon, battering the country with heavy rains. The rainstorm seemed to...

Greek Stray Dog Adopts Couple From UK as her Parents

A Greek stray dog chose its own parents when she began to follow a couple traveling from the UK everywhere they went.

Greek Cop Smashes His Boss’ Car in Apparent Revenge Attack

A Greek police lieutenant was caught on video destroying his boss's car in what many are calling a revenge attack on Rhodes island on Sunday.

Europe’s Different Approaches to Opening Up – How Greece Compares

Most countries in Europe have begun the process of opening up their economies following strict coronavirus lockdowns on different timelines.

Covid-19: 585 New Cases, 288 Currently Intubated Across Greece

A total of 585 new cases of Covid-19 were diagnosed in Greece over the past 24 hours, and 288 people are now intubated in...

Lonely Greek Parents Share Christmas Table with Childrens’ Portraits

Greek parents who were forced to spend Christmas alone due to the coronavirus lockdown made the best out of an awful situation by creating...

Maria Menounos’ Parents Both Hospitalized With COVID

Famous Greek-American host Maria Menounos' parents have both been hospitalized with COVID-19. Menounos announced that she took a weeklong break from hosting her podcast and...

Parents of Son Slain in Greece Say "He Never Met a Stranger"

In July of 2017, an atrocity took place on the idyllic Greek island of Zakynthos, when a young American fashion designer who had traveled...