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Ancient Greek Philosophers Brought to Life by AI

Ancient Greek scientists and philosophers are brought back to life and tell their stories in this captivating video produced through Artificial Intelligence (AI). Equator AI...

Ancient Greek Philosophers’ Timeless Wisdom and Quotes

Some of the best quotes by Greek philosophers are sure to make you reflect on life's many issues, and change the way you think.

Modern Stoics on TikTok Distort Ancient Greek, Roman Philosophers

Modern stoics on TikTok diverge quite a bit from what the ancient philosophers of Stoicism espoused. Their ideas around happiness and productivity are not...

Ancient Greek Philosophers Who Excelled in Athens

Many ancient philosophers from Athens considered this city to be the center of their thriving intellectual activity. Their profound insights persistently influence our comprehension of...

The Greatest Quotes of Ancient Greek Stoic Philosophers

Stoicism was one of the philosophical movements of the Hellenistic period, founded by Zeno of Citium in Athens in the early 3rd century BC

Six Female Philosophers From Ancient Greece

When we think about ancient philosophers we tend to imagine old men as deep thinkers. Women too have helped shape modern thought.

The Greek Philosophers ‘Hiding’ in Raphael’s School of Athens

Several of the most influential Greek philosophers and thinkers are portrayed in Raphael's masterpiece the School of Athens which adorns the Apostolic Palace in...

UK Denies Man Asylum For Failing to Know Greek Philosophers

  A Pakistani man who claimed to be under threat in his home country for his humanist beliefs, had his claim to asylum in the...

Greek Philosophers, Founding Fathers & American Law

The National Hellenic Museum will host U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Richard Allen Posner on Thursday, January 28, for a discussion on Greek philosophers...

World's Philosophers Convene in Athens

Leading intellectuals of the world, such as Juergen Habermas and Umberto Eco, Alexander Nehamas, Bill Macbride, the Dermot Moran, Luca Scarantino will take part...