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The Ten Oldest Inhabited Cities in Greece

Many of the oldest inhabited cities in Greece are still standing against all odds. They have survived to this day to narrate the history...

The African Greeks of Avato

Avato is a village in Northern Greece that is home to the Greek descendants of the African slaves that were once brought to the region...

Smyrna Disaster Remembered at Herodeon Concert in Athens

The Band of Messolonghi "Dionysios Solomos”, the orchestra and the Stamatis Spanoudakis choir collaborated at Herodeon dedicated a concert last week to the 1922...

Coffees You Must Try in Greece

Greeks consume 5.5 kilos of coffee annually per capita, putting the country into fifteenth position in a global list of top coffee drinkers. Probably...

The Day Kapodistrias, the First Leader of Modern Greece, Was Killed

On September 27, 1831, Ioannis Kapodistrias, the first leader of Greece after the Ottoman occupation, was assassinated in Nafplio. His murder robbed the country...

Common Words in the Greek and Turkish Language

There are over three hundred Turkish words that are used daily in the Greek language. This is not surprising given the fact that Greeks...

Eleusis, One of the Most Important Religious Sites in Ancient Greece

Eleusis, the site of the eponymous Eleusinian Mysteries, was the center of worship for the goddess Demeter and her daughter Persephone, who returned to...

Kastoria: The Lakeside Gem of Northwestern Greece

Kastoria is a beautiful lakeside city in northwestern Greece famous for its fur and leather trade and its rich history that goes as far back as Byzantium

The Venizelos Mansion: The Oldest House in Athens is Also a Museum

Although the Greek capital of Athens is full of ancient monuments and temples, its oldest standing house, the Venizelos Mansion, dates to the 16th century.

Change Makers: Women Who Loomed Large in Greek History

Women in Greek history have persevered, protected, challenged and led in many realms over the centuries, including religion and the arts.