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Ottoman Empire: Five Things You Need to Know

On the 100th year of the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire on November 1, 1922, Greek scholar Georgios Giannakopoulos looks at five things you...

How Orthodox Martyrs Saved the Greek Language Under Ottoman Rule

The Greek language survived almost 400 years of Ottoman rule due to the Greek Orthodox Church, which protected and taught the language.

How Climate Change Weakened the Ottoman Empire

At its peak, the Ottoman Empire spanned three continents, controlling a vast part of Southeastern Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa.

Greek Authorities to Restore Ottoman Mosque on Lesvos

A ruined mosque on the Greek island of Lesvos is to be restored as part of a €1.2-million ($1.4 million) program of renovation works. Yeni Mosque...

Restored 17th-Century Ottoman Mosque in Athens Opens to Visitors

The 17th century Fethiye Mosque, located at the ancient Roman Agora in central Athens has been restored. Without cracks in the walls and on the...

The Greek Diaspora Around the World

From ancient times to the modern day, Greeks of the diaspora have enriched the international community in across many fields.

Kokorec: Turkish Word, Greek Creation?

Turkey and Greece have been in an ongoing conflict about the origin of certain foods for decades, anad each side claims several dishes as...

10 Must Visit Archaeological Sites in Cyprus

The island of Cyprus carries a long history which is mirrored in  enduring monuments scattered in between its cities and the countryside. From expansive ancient...

The Magnificent Church of Saint Nicholas on Syros, Greece

The Church of Saint Nicholas, a magnificent church in Ermoupolis, the capital of Syros, took twenty-two years to build. Overlooking the Cycladic island, Saint Nicholas'...

Parthenon Marbles Perfect Replica Unveiled in London

The first perfect replica of a Parthenon sculpture was presented at the Freud Museum in London on Tuesday by the Institute for Digital Archaeology...