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The Awe-Inspiring Natural Landscape of Greece’s Zagori

Zagori is an awe-inspiring natural landscape with an incredibly well-preserved network of 46 villages and features national parks, rivers and waterfalls.

Assassin’s Creed Recreates Stunning Ancient Greek Landscape Based on Pausanias

Assassin's Creed Odyssey has now faithfully carried over worldwide to the new media subculture a wealth of information about ancient Greece, based on the...

Fires Shaped the Landscape of Ancient Greece

Fires shaped much of the landscape in ancient Greece, set mostly by invaders in pre-classical times. Fires were also sometimes set by Greeks themselves. According...

Geology of Greece: How the Country’s Beautiful Landscape Formed

Greece and its geology are a wonder of nature, a stunning landscape blessed with high mountains, blue seas and over six thousand islands.

The Unbelievable Variety of Greece’s Landscapes

Greece's many coastal islands, dense urban centers, and historical architectural sites like the Parthenon have been iconic to foreigners across the world for decades....

Greece’s Lake Doxa Offers Landscape of Unparalleled Beauty

Lake Doxa is an artificial lake created in the village of Archaia Feneos, in Western Corinthia, on the Peloponnesian Peninsula.

Greece Nominates Zagori for UNESCO Cultural Landscape Status

Greece has nominated the region of Zagori, in Epirus to be designated by UNESCO as a world cultural landscape on Wednesday. Zagori is an awe-inspiring...

Reforestation: How to Turn the Greek Landscape Green After Fires

With every devastating fire in Greece, reforestation becomes the second most crucial issue after state assistance to those affected. Former West Attica Forest director...

Mars Probe Discovers How Water Shaped Landscape of Red Planet

A study of images from Mars shows that ancient water that once existed on the surface of Mars did indeed shape the landscape of...

Larissa Hosts Landscape Architecture Competition for Amphitheater

The city of Larissa is asking the world for ideas on new surroundings for its ancient amphitheater, which was built in the third century...