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“Genesis” Weather Front Damages Crops, Floods Roads Across Greece

Damaged crops, flooded roads, and hundred of rescue calls from civilians were caused by the "Genesis" weather front in Greece.

Severe Floods in Australia Leave At Least 13 People Dead

Severe floods in eastern Australia, the worst seen in the country in decades, have left at least 13 people dead since they began in...

Floods in Greece’s Peloponnese Claim One Life, Cause Widespread Damage

Floods that followed heavy rainfall in Greece on Friday left one person dead and widespread destruction in buildings and cultivated fields, local officials said. According...

Floods Follow Catastrophic Fires in Greece’s Evia

The North Evia floods generated by the bad weather system "Athena" caused great destruction as they swept the fire-stricken North Evia

Why The Risk of Floods Increases Exponentially After Forest Fires

After the onset of forest fires, many pray for rain to come, hoping it will extinguish the flames.

European Floods: Deadly Weather Front to Move Southeast 

The weather front that caused the latest European floods is moving slowly towards the southeast of Europe.

More Than One Hundred Dead in European Floods; Hundreds Missing

A total of 118 people have now been declared dead in the floods that have ravaged Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium this week.

The Mechanics of Philotimo: Volunteers Repair Cars Damaged in Floods

A group of Greek volunteer mechanics went to Evia fix vehicles that were heavily damaged in the flood in August of 2020.

Firefighter Killed as Floods Hit Greece’s Evros

A firefighter was killed on Monday in the region of Evros in northeastern Greece during an operation to rescue dozens of children that were...

Floods Affect Northern, Central Greece

Severe floods, brought about by Tuesday's heavy rainstorms, have caused widespread damage in the northern Greek region of Evros and Karditsa, in central Greece. Severe...