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“Chania: A Journey Through the Countryside” Wins Awards

There are many ways to advertise the beauty and culture of Greece. We just need a bit of patience and imagination! Proof of that...

Poor Greeks Flock to the Countryside to Become Farmers

Many newly poor people in Greece are turning to agriculture and Greek nature in search of a better life. More prospects and more hope...

Unique Stone Bridges Bring Character to Greek Countryside

The stone bridges found throughout the Greek countryside[...]

Greek Countryside Stone Bridges Remain an Asset

The stone bridges found throughout the Greek countryside are[...]

Dassault: The Greek Connection of One of Europe’s Wealthiest Families

Dassault Aviation is the company behind the Rafale aircraft that Greece has acquired to help protect its borders.

The Ethnic Cleansing of Greeks from Gallipoli in 1915

Thousands of Greeks living on the Gallipoli peninsula in modern-day Turkey were victims of the ethnic cleansing and genocide of minorities, particularly Greeks, Armenians,...

The German Massacre at Viannos, Crete Still Haunts Greece

The Viannos massacre, known as the “Viannos Holocaust,” was a mass extermination campaign launched by Nazi forces against the civilian residents of around twenty...

Hermes, the God of Thieves in Ancient Greece

In Greek mythology, Hermes is considered the messenger God, in charge of protecting travelers, thieves, and guide the souls to the Hades

Heraklion: Discover the Capital of Crete

Heraklion, the capital of the Greek island of Crete, is an ancient city that perhaps is under-appreciated for its many attractions.

Autumn on Mainland Greece at Its Best: Must Do Trips

A Must To Do Trip Visit Mailand Greece during Autumn and experienced at its best, because its beauty nature is magical at this season!