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The Hidden Ruins of Byzantine Constantinople in Today’s Istanbul

The ruins of Byzantine culture in Constantinople remain intact to this day reminding the World of the great Byzantine Empire of centuries ago

Imposing Walls Defended Constantinople For Ten Centuries

As the wealthy capital of the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire, Constantinople was a tempting target for many rulers during late antiquity and the Medieval...

The Sports Riot That Nearly Destroyed Constantinople in 532 AD

The Greek world has a troubled past of sports riots, particularly with football hooliganism, but this pervasive history goes back further than one might...

The Giant Whale that Terrorized Constantinople

Under Byzantine (Eastern Roman) rule, the inhabitants of Constantinople faced many threats. The Avars, Sassanids, Slavs, Crusaders, and Ottomans all laid siege to the...

A Crusader’s History of the Sack of Constantinople

De la Conquête de Constantinople (On the Conquest of Constantinople), one of the oldest surviving examples of French prose, is considered to be the...

Istanbul vs. Constantinople: Why Both Words are Greek

Istanbul is a name that the Greeks actually gave to the city. "Istanbul" derives from the Greek phrase "Is tin poli," meaning "into the city."

May 29, 1453: The Day Constantinople Fell

The fall of Constantinople, on May 29,1453 was the final phase of the Byzantine-Ottoman Wars and the darkest page in Greek history

Constantinople Greeks: The Cosmopolitans of Byzantium’s Capital

Most people are aware of the song “Istanbul was Constantinople” and perhaps no better than the Greeks of Istanbul themselves.

The Biggest Basilica Cistern of Constantinople Re-opens

The biggest Byzantine Basilica Cistern in Constantinople opens its doors once again after five years of renovation. For a long time, it was an...

Elon Musk’s Constantinople Tweet Upsets Turkish Social Media Users

A tweet by Elon Musk on the fall of Constantinople has baffled social media users worldwide and has caused hundreds of predominantly negative reactions...