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Why Greek Orthodox Priests Have Beards

The beards of Orthodox priests are some of their most striking attributes, marking them as different from other Western religious men.

The Enchanting Story of the Ancient Greek Calf Bearer Sculpture

This is the first photograph of the magnificent statue "The Calf Bearer" when it was discovered on the Acropolis in 1864.

Polar Bear Swim: Tradition Launched by Greek Immigrant Lives On

Polar Bear Swim: The title sort of speaks for itself, launched in Canada in 1920 by Greek immigrant Peter (Pete) Pantages.

Bear Freed From Illegal Trap by Greek, Albanian Wildlife Groups

An adult female bear was freed from an illegal trap after the successful collaboration of Greek and Albanian authorities and wildlife organizations, it was...

Brown Bears in Greece Gone Into Hibernation Earlier Than Before

Brown bears in Florina, northern Greece, went into hibernation earlier than any previous year in the 30-year operation of Arcturos preservation centre.

Mother Bear and Her Two Cubs Shot Dead in Greece

A mother bear and her two cubs have been shot dead near Konitsa in Greece’s Epirus region. The incident was reported to Arcturos, a nonprofit...

Greek Champion Ntouskos Named First Torchbearer for Paris 2024

Greece's Olympic Committee (HOC) announced that Stefanos Ntouskos will serve as the inaugural torchbearer for the Paris 2024 Olympics relay. Ntouskos is the Olympic...

Bear Caught on Video Crashing Family Picnic in Mexico

A hungry black bear approached a group of visitors, scaled their table, and ate their food at Mexico's Chipinque Ecological Park in the state...

Bear Escapes From Airplane in Dubai

Prime Minister Al-Sudani of Iraq has mandated an investigation after a bear was able to escape from the cargo hold of a plane in...

Zoo in China Denies Its Bear Is a Human in Costume

A zoo in eastern China has denied allegations that at least one of its bears might actually be a human in costume. Images of...