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The Breathtaking Ancient Greek Ruins Found in Italy

When you think about Italy and ruins, your mind's eye automatically brings up scenes of the Roman Forum. However, Italy is home to countless ruins which are in actuality Greek.

Sportsmen in Ancient Greece and Rome Were Celebrities

Some elite sportsmen in ancient Greece and Rome were paid to play, travel internationally and enjoy celebrity status. They lived a lifestyle similar to...

Ancient Roman Mosaic Unveiled at Shopping Mall in England

A 2,000 year-old Roman mosaic has been unveiled at a shopping mall in England. The ancient artwork has been initially discovered by construction workers...

How the Super Rich Paid Taxes in Ancient Greece

Taxation in ancient Greece was much different than any modern system. It's difficult to imagine now, but, in ancient Greece, the richest of the...

Ancient Mask of Greek God Dionysus Found in Western Turkey

An extremely expressive terracotta mask, thought to represent the Greek god Dionysus, was recently unearthed during excavations of the ancient Greek city of Daskyleion...

How Ancient Greeks, Romans Controlled the Spread of Disease

Ancient Greeks and Romans got a surprising number of things right about how disease spreads and the importance of airflow for public health.

Epidaurus’ Dig Uncovers Layers of Ancient Greek History

Recent excavations at the Asclepeion of Epidaurus have revealed the remains of an even older temple building found at the shrine.

Statue of Ancient Greek Goddess Hygieia Unearthed in Turkey

A statue of the ancient Greek goddess Hygieia, the goddess of health and cleanliness, was unearthed on Thursday in Aizanoi, in what is now...

National Theatre Presents Play "My Mother's Sin" in Ancient Sites Across Greece

As part of the nation's "All of Greece, One Culture" initiative from the Greek Ministry of Culture, the National Theatre will stage performances of...

The Priceless Ancient Treasures of Dion, Macedonia

In an Eden-like environment at the foot of Mount Olympus lies Dion, the sacred site of the ancient Macedonians.