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The Magnificent Ancient Greek Theaters of Messene and Sicyon

The ancient Greek theaters at Messene and Sicyon in the Peloponnese were centers for drama and culture in ancient times.

Ancient Greek Theaters Used Moveable Stages Over 2,000 Years Ago

It has been revealed that Ancient Greek theaters used movable wooden stages some 2,000 years ago following Japanese research.

Ancient Greek Theaters Honored in New Postage Stamp Series

The Hellenic Post (ELTA) recently revealed a new series of commemorative stamps which showcase both the famous and the lesser-known ancient Greek theaters in...

25 Ancient Greek Theaters Will Open to Public

The “Athens Festival” institution, in collaboration with “Diazoma” association, have taken the initiative of opening 25 ancient Greek theaters and archaeological sites to the...

Ancient Greek Anthesteria Festival Celebrated at Art Exhibition

Greek god Dionysos is honored in Anthesteria, an art exhibition inspired by the three-day festival celebrating nature and wine in ancient Athens

Why Did Ancient Greek Actors Wear Theater Masks?

One of the most enduring art forms from ancient Greece is that of theater. Greek tragedies and comedies are a touchstone for understanding ancient...

The Ancient Greek Treasures Housed in Paris Museums

Numerous artistic treasures from or inspired by Greece are housed in Paris museums. Undoubtedly, the foundation of Western civilization is rooted in ancient Greece,...

Greek Archaeologist Petros Themelis Who Revived Ancient Messene Dies

Leading Greek archaeologist Petros Themelis, who is best known for pioneering work at the site of Ancient Messene in Southwest Peloponnese, died aged 87,...

Olbia: The Ancient Greek Settlement on the Black Sea Coast

Nestled near the Black Sea spit, Olbia stands as one of the largest Ancient Greek settlements in the region. Located in southern Ukraine, Olbia's...

The Golden Age of Ancient Greek Science

Greece had two golden ages. The legacies of Greek golden ages, especially in science, made Western civilization what we know today.