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How the Ancient Greeks Merged Their Gods With Foreign Ones

As the ancient Greeks encountered other civilizations and cultures through trade, conquest, and colonization, they often merged their own gods with foreign deities in...

Eight Magnificent Ancient Greek Works of Art Found in Foreign Museums

The Parthenon Marbles are the most famous of all the Greek antiquities displayed in museums outside the country.

The Glorious History of the Ancient Greek City of Antioch

Antioch on the Orontes, an ancient Greek city on the eastern side of the Orontes River, was one of the most glorious of all...

Exquisite Ancient Greek Earring One of Treasures at Boston Museum

An exquisite ancient Greek earring, housed at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, still dazzles its admirers 2,300 years after it was crafted.

When Ancient Greeks Faced the Persian Navy at Battle of Artemisium

When the ancient Greeks faced the Persian navy in the Battle of Artemisium, they set the tone for the Battle of Salamis that kicked the Persians out

First Map of Known World Created by Ancient Greek Anaximander

The ancient Greek thinker Anaximander, who was born in the third year of the 42nd Olympiad, or 610 BC, and who lived until c. 546 BC,...

Ancient Greek Vases Were Decorated With Gypsum, Researchers Say

Researchers say that ancient Greek vases dating back to 450 to 440 BC used in the funeral rites of the elite most likely used...

Ancient Greeks Predicted Robots, Claims Stanford Historian

Ancient Greeks not only created the foundations of modern civilization, but they also predicted robots and other future technological innovations, according to a book...

British Museum to Loan Ancient Greek Meidias Hydria to Greece

The British Museum has decided to loan the Meidias Hydria, an ancient Greek vase dating back to 420 BC, to the Acropolis Museum in...

Ancient Greek Philosopher Anaxagoras and the Universal Mind

Ancient Greek philosopher Anaxagoras was the one who introduced the concept of the universal mind (nous) as the motive cause of the cosmos. The...