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Alexandros Ypsilantis: The Greek Hero Who Sparked the War of Independence

Before the breakout of the War of Independence, Alexandros Ypsilantis decided that the first blow against the Ottomans should be outside Greece

Alexandros Ypsilantis: The Greek Hero Whose Heart Remained in Greece Forever – Literally

Alexandros Ypsilantis, a founding member of Filiki Eteria that coordinated the beginning of the Greek War of Independence.

How Greek Diaspora Merchants Contributed to the 1821 War of Independence

The contribution of the Greek Diaspora merchants was of great importance for the 1821 Greek War of Independence due to their financial aid and...

US Cities With Greek Names

More than 100 cities and towns across the US have been named after Greek cities, mythological heroes and historical figures of ancient and modern...

Most Important Greek Landmarks in the USA

Several significant Greek landmarks in the USA reflect the country's rich Greek heritage. These landmarks symbolize the Greek culture and have become important community centers...

The Liberation of Tripolitsa in the Greek War of Independence

The siege of Tripolitsa, Greece (today's city of Tripolis) was a pivotal moment in the Greek War of Independence, and it remains a point...

Ioannis Varvakis: a Pirate and Benefactor of the Greek Revolution

A pirate and benefactor, Ioannis Varvakis had a bright life, supporting the Greek Revolution and becoming famous in both Greece and Russia. He managed to...

The Real Story Behind Every Restaurant’s “Menu”

The menu is probably the most widely used, most common item in all food-selling environments. Whether it is a restaurant, a bar, or a...

Manto Mavrogenous: The Heroine of the Greek Revolution

Manto Mavrogenous dedicated her life and her fortune two centuries ago to Greece so the nation could be free and independent today. On March 25th,...

The History of the Greek War of Independence

As Greece counts 200 years from the War of independence and stands proud on Europe's eastern border as a member of the EU, the mind reels to the glorious days of 1821