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Venizelos Says Greece “Scapegoat” But Will Survive Crisis

With the economic world holding its breath over fears that Greece will default, Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos told an international audience of bankers in Washington, D.C. that his country[...]

A Greek Travel Guide to Istanbul

Constantinople, Byzantion, Poli, Istanbul. These are the names that Greeks usually use to refer to the once capital of Byzantium and today's largest city...

Mentality of Palikaria Still Prevalent in Greece Today

The mentality of palikaria is still prevalent in Greece today. Palikaria literally refers to the bandits that roamed the countryside during the Ottoman occupation,...

”The Palace” by Antonis Maras Possible Oscar Contender

Greek director Antonis Maras will hopefully score an Oscar nomination for his short film "The Palace", inspired by real events of 1974, has already won three awards in Australia. "The Palace" won this year's prize...

Customs and Traditions of Assumption Day (August15) across Greece

One of the biggest celebrations of Orthodoxy is August 15, the day of the Assumption[...]

Research on the Shipwreck "Mentor" Which Carried Elgin Marbles

According to an article in the Greek newspaper “Eleftherotypia”, research was conducted by the Ephorate of Marine Antiquities from July 6-15 on the...

First Byzantine Museum of Peloponnese in Argos

The first Byzantine museum of the Peloponnese will open at the barracks of Kapodistrias in Argos in one and a half years. The historical building of the...

Plaka 'Neighborhood of the Gods'

Plaka, the "Neighborhood of the Gods" situated beneath the northeastern slope of the Acropolis[...]

Should Church Pay More Taxes due to Financial Crisis?

This is the third year Greece is dealing with a financial crisis and some propose that since salaries have been cut  and people are becoming unemployed, maybe...

A Greek-American Searching for His Roots in Turkey

Chrysovalantis Stamelos is a young Greek-American filmmaker living in Turkey for the last year. Valantis, as his friends call him, grew up listening to...