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New Study of Gravity Says Information Can Escape Black Holes

A fresh perspective on Einstein's theory of relativity could revolutionize our understanding of black holes. Astrophysics has long struggled with the concept that "black holes...

Ancient Greek Mathematical Formula Reveals Cutest Dog Breeds

An ancient Greek formula, known as the Golden Ratio, that was used to identify "physical perfection" was recently adopted by pet experts to identify...

The Greek Mathematician who Helped Einstein

Constantine Karatheodori (September 13, 1873 –  February 2, 1950) was a Greek mathematician known for his contributions to real and complex analysis, the calculus...

Greek AI Shipping Startup Acquired by Japanese Automation Giant

Greek AI startup DeepSea, focused on the decarbonisation of shipping fleets, has been taken over by Japanese automation giant Nabtesco.

Dramatic Fossil Shows Mammal Attacking Dinosaur

Mesozoic mammals were often eaten by dinosaurs, but it might surprise you to know that some mammals actually feasted on dinosaurs too. In northeastern China,...

Ancient Greek Mathematician, Philosopher Created Pythagorean Comma

The Greek mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras, applied his genius to music as well, creating the Pythagorean comma in music theory.

Mathematicians Find ‘Seemingly Impossible’ Number

Mathematicians, equipped with powerful supercomputers, have achieved a significant breakthrough by determining the value of an immensely large number that was once considered impossible...

Scientists Celebrate Legacy of Greek Mathematician Caratheodory

World-acclaimed researchers and academics will gather in Greece to celebrate the legacy of great Greek mathematician Constantin Carathéodory.

Nine Mathematical Equations that Changed the World

Mathematical equations have been the tool of man explaining the world around him and the key to advance knowledge about the Universe

Greek American Billionaire John Catsimatidis Wants to Buy CNN

Greek-born billionaire John Catsimatidis said on Thursday he wants to buy CNN from its parent Warner Bros. Discovery. "I'd go run the place tomorrow morning,...