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Was Helen Really to Blame for the Trojan War – or Just a Scapegoat?

The outcome of Helen's relationship with Paris hardly needs to be repeated: the ten-year Trojan war and the destruction of the city.

Destruction of Syria's Chemicals Continues Off Crete

According to an official announcement by the UN Security Council, more than 60% of Syria's chemical weapons have already been destroyed. The destruction of the chemicals takes...

Greek Submarine Involved in the Destruction of Syria's Chemicals

A Greek submarine, frigates from Germany, Italy and Turkey, and other warships of the U.S. 6th Fleet take part in the Task Force-64 (CTF-64)...

Greece on Red Alert for Destruction of Syrian Chemical Weapons

The campaign of dismantling the Syrian chemical weapons of Bashar al- Assad regime is underway, as it has been agreed between the U.S. and...

Ten Iconic Flowers of Greece

A list of the ten most iconic flowers of Greece is not difficult to create since Greece is home to some of the most...

The Incredibly Diverse – And Healthy – Diet of the Ancient Greeks

The diet of the ancient Greeks is fascinating for so many reasons, and they had impressively varied eating habits.

Pausanias, the Cultural Geographer of Ancient Greece

Untold stories recounting the glories of Ancient Greece were written by Pausanias, who lived in the second century AD.

Ten Stunning Masterpieces of Ancient Greek Art

There are countless masterpieces of Ancient Greek art scattered in museums around the world.

The Best Ancient Greece Comedies Still Funny Today

Some things never change--and humor, luckily, is one thing that hasn't changed a great deal over time, as we can see today by the...

Alcibiades: The Gifted Politician and General of Ancient Greece

Alcibiades was a gifted politician and general, but, due to his unscrupulous behavior, he is remembered as a traitor to Athens for defecting to...