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Disabled Greek Police Officer Fights Discrimination, is Reinstated

A Greek police officer who was discharged in 2009 due to disability was reinstated into the force this week after launching a successful campaign...

At Least 20 Greek Police Officers Arrested in Citizenship Racket

Greek police have identified at least 30 officers who are implicated in an illegal citizenship racket, it was revealed on Wednesday. Following a months-long investigation,...

Caroline Crouch Murder: Former Suspect Accuses Greek Police of Torture

A former suspect of the murder of Caroline Crouch has accused the Greek police of torturing him to confess a crime he did not commit.

Citizen Sues Greek Authorities for Police Brutality and Torture After Arrest

Police brutality is coming to the fore again in Greece as a Greek citizen filed a lawsuit on Friday against the police anti-terrorism unit.

Greek Policeman Tortures Love Rival

Charges filed against a Greek policeman who bit, beat, stripped, handcuffed and abandoned a man in an uninhabited area in central Greece.

New Police Brutality Incident Reported in Greece

Another incident of police brutality became recently known in Greece, this time in the city of Larissa.

Protesters Clash with Police Over Education Bill

Protesters across Greece took to the streets Wednesday to demonstrate against a proposed education bill that calls for, in part, police presence on Greek...

Greek Abuse Scandal: Police Arrest Coach Suspected of Rape

A Greek sailing coach who admitted on Friday that he had what he called a “relationship” with an 11-year-old athlete was arrested on the...

Greek Police Plan Crackdown on Covid Restriction Violators

The Greek police plan a crackdown on violators of the current covid measures on New Year's Day, according to a statement by a Hellenic Police spokesperson on Wednesday.

Greek Police Suspends 4 Officers for Beating Helpless Refugees on Lesvos

The Greek Police announced on Friday night that they suspended three border guards and one police officer on the island of Lesvos, following the...