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Greek Navy Battleship to Host Refugees From Lesvos

Greek Navy battleship "Lesvos" is to sail to Lesvos island on Tuesday night to host refugees and migrants from the overflowing camps that are...

Greek Navy Helicopter Crashes in the Aegean, 2 Dead So Far

A helicopter of the Greek Navy crashed in the Aegean Sea early on Thursday morning, with two crew members found dead and the third...

Businessman Arrested for Greek Navy Armament Kickbacks

Well-known businessman Thomas Liakounakos was arrested at 10 pm on Monday on charges of involvement in Greek Navy armament kickbacks. Liakounakos is involved in managing...

SYRIZA MPs Object to Greek Navy Seals' Chant at March 25 Parade [Video]

SYRIZA and PASOK MPs strongly objected to a nationalistic chant by Greek navy seals (OYK) at the March 25 parade. During the parade, the navy seals chanted several of...

Greek Navy Logo Hijacked by Turkish Company

A Turkish company which engages in manufacturing and marketing of luxury yachts is using a logo that bears an uncanny resemblance that used by...

When Ancient Greeks Faced the Persian Navy at Battle of Artemisium

When the ancient Greeks faced the Persian navy in the Battle of Artemisium, they set the tone for the Battle of Salamis that kicked the Persians out

US Navy Prevents Iran from Seizing Greek Tanker in the Gulf

On Wednesday, the US Navy (USN) claimed that it prevented the seizure of two commercial tankers in the Gulf of Oman, with one of...

Iran “Harassed” Greek-managed Ship, US Navy Claims

  The US Navy has claimed that on Sunday, a merchant ship was "harassed" by the Revolutionary Guard of Iran in the Strait of Hormuz....

The Greek Genocide as Recorded in US Navy Diaries

The Smyrna Catastrophe and other acts of the Greek Genocide were witnessed by US Navy officers; their diaries document the atrocities.

Turkish Navy Escorts Migrant Boats Towards Lesvos; Harasses Greek Ship

Greece accused Turkey on Friday that its Navy led migrant boats to enter Greek territorial waters and harass a Greek Coast Guard ship.