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Philosophical Perspective on Greek Economic Crisis

Over 200 international philosophers braved strikes and protests, coming to Greece this month to join a forum and debate matters of the mind. For the...

The Newest Greek Odyssey: Living in Strikeland

State schools closed, hospitals running only on emergency staff, trash piling up, trains halted, metro and cabbies on strike, tax offices closed, customs officers walking out of their jobs, airlines grounded[...]

Merkel, Sarkozy Pledge Euro-Zone Solution This Month

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Sunday pledged to do all that is needed to stabilize the euro zone and...

Two Years in Power: Ten Things George Papandreou Has or Hasn’t Changed

From crushing ruling Conservatives party two years ago, Papandreou’s poll numbers have suffered a dramatic slump turning the Greek PM into a contemporary Diogenes of Sinope who instead of strolling around with a lamp looking for an honest man, he’s desperately looking for his voters- if there’s anyone left that is[...]

Ladydust…the Comeback!!

By Donatella Adamou & Diane Karas What can possibly be said about the talent of Marina Tsigonaki! The famous Greek dj- known also as Ladydust-...

BBC: Pity the Greeks

Greek households are undergoing such pressure that many families seek for the financial support of their grandparents, says Gavin Hewitt in his article for...

Greek Minority Protests Over Coming Inventory in Albania

During their meeting in Agioi Saranta, Albania, the Union Party of Human Rights (KEAD) and the General Board of the Greek minority organization “Omonoia”...

Venizelos: Focus on Spending Cuts in 2012‎

Greece on Sunday pledged to take the tough decisions needed to avoid default but announced no new austerity measures to secure international bailout funds...

Germany Prepares for Greek Insolvency‎

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble is making preparations for a Greek insolvency, according to newsweekly Der Spiegel. His officials are reported to be preparing for...

Inside the Greek University Volcano

A system about to collapse, students unable to take exams or attend lectures[...]