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Orpheus: The Greatest Mystic and Musician of Greek Mythology

Orpheus, the son of god of music and healing, Apollo, and muse Calliope, was the greatest bard, mystic, and prophet in ancient Greek mythology. He...

Athens Home Prices Are Surging Faster Than Other European Cities

Home prices in Athens are surging making the Greek capital one of Europe’s hottest housing markets, Bloomberg reports. Home prices in the Greek capital climbed...

Oldest City in Europe Is Strofilas in Greece

Strofilas on the island of Andros in Greece is the oldest city in Europe. Dating to 4500 - 3200 BC

British Museum Outlines Parthenon Marbles Deal with Greece

The chairman of the British Museum trustees, George Osborne said he hopes he can “reach an agreement with Greece” that would see the Parthenon...

Derveni Papyrus Found in Greece: Europe’s Oldest Book

The Derveni Papyrus found in northern Greece is of immense importance, registered by UNESCO in 2015 as the oldest handwritten "book" in Europe

Greek God Zeus Sparks Controversy in Muslim Malaysia

Coffee brand Zus Coffee in Malaysia is fighting against boycott efforts after allegations that its logo and name were derived from the Greek god...

Europe on Edge as Volcanic Eruptions Feared in Italy and Iceland

Europe is on edge over possible volcanic eruptions at Mount Etna in Sicily, Italy, and at the Reykjanes Peninsula in Iceland. Italy’s Mount Etna shot...

Mussels From Greece Conquer European Markets

Mussels produced in the region of Pieria, northern Greece where 60 percent of the total production in the country is located, are making great...

The Stunning Ancient Greek Mosaics of Zeugma

The Ancient Greek mosaics of Zeugma in Turkey are a true archaeological treasure that can be admired at the Zeugma Mosaic Museum, in Gaziantep

The Ancient Greek Treasures Housed in Paris Museums

Numerous artistic treasures from or inspired by Greece are housed in Paris museums. Undoubtedly, the foundation of Western civilization is rooted in ancient Greece,...