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Barbara Weather Front Pounds Athens and Most of Greece

The weather front dubbed Barbara is bringing low temperatures, frost, and heavy snowfall even in Athens and other parts of Greece on Sunday. The northern...

The Platonic Academy of Athens: The World’s First University

Τhe Platonic Academy was founded by Plato himself in 428/427 BC in Athens, and is considered to be the world's first university.

Waterfalls Formed After Torrential Rain in Athens

Small waterfalls have been formed in several parts of Athens as torrential rain has hit the Greek capital flooding the roads on Thursday. Residents in...

Athens’ Lycabettus Provides Stunning Views of Acropolis, Saronic Gulf

Located in the heart of Greece's bustling capital, Mount Lycabettus provides a serene, picturesque escape from the noise and hubbub of Athens.

Rare Photo Taken on 1895 Athens Roof Terrace Brought to Light

This extraordinary photo of a group of people relaxing around a table on the roof terrace of the German Archaeological Institute (DAI) building in...

Plane Lands Safely at Athens Airport After Apparently Fake Bomb Threat

Greek F-16 fighter jets were mobilized to intercept a plane purported to be carrying a bomb. The plane in question was a Boeing 737...

The Mystery Structure on Top of Athens’ Temple of Olympian Zeus

The Temple of Olympian Zeus, dedicated the first among the Gods, is the most magnificent monument in Athens, other than the Acropolis.

Former King of Greece Constantine Laid to Rest Near Athens

Former King of Greece Constantine II was laid to rest at the former royal residence of Tatoi, north of Athens on Monday afternoon. His sons...

Chinese New Year Marked by Concert in Athens

A few days before the Chinese New Year and the ushering in of the Year of the Rabbit, the Athens Conservatory welcomed fifteen young...

Delta to Launch Direct US-Greece Flight to Athens

Delta's first direct flight from the United States to Greece will arrive at Athens International Airport on March 11th, Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias said...