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Alexander the Great’s Tomb: One of History’s Greatest Mysteries

For over 2,300 years, researchers and historians are trying to find the Alexander the Great Tomb, something that remains one of the world's greatest mysteries

Alexander the Great’s Sister, Thessalonike, and the Mermaid Legend

Alexander the Great's sister, Thessalonike of Macedon, was a remarkable figure. Outliving her half-brother, she would go on to become the queen of Macedon...

How Alexander the Great Halted Mutiny with a Powerful Speech

In August 324 BC, Alexander the Great faced a mutiny by his troops. By this time, Alexander had already conquered the Persian Empire and...

Ancient Temple Discovered in Iraq Dedicated to Alexander the Great

Archaeologists uncovered signs that Alexander the Great was worshipped as a divine figure in an ancient temple in Iraq. Scientists had been puzzled by the...

Alexander the Great May Have Died of Pancreatic Necrosis

Alexander the Great may have died of pancreatic necrosis, not from any other disease that has previously speculated about, including malaria or pneumonia, according...

Where is Alexander the Great’s Tomb? The most Plausible Scenarios

As one of the most famous people in history, countless individuals have tried to locate Alexander the Great's tomb. It seems shocking that the...

Alexander the Great’s Face Reconstruction Presented by Researchers

Historians and researchers are suggesting a new facial reconstruction of the famous ancient Greek leader Alexander the Great.

When Alexander the Great Met Diogenes the Cynic

The ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes, known as the father of Cynicism, has become famous for his many interesting interactions, particularly with famous Greek leader...

What Caused the Untimely Death of Alexander the Great?

The untimely death of Alexander the Great on June 10, 323 B.C. in Babylon has long been a topic of hot debate by historians. The...

Alexander the Great and the Gordian Knot Story

The legendary cutting of the Gordian knot by Alexander the Great became the metaphor for solving difficult problems by employing simple, drastic solutions