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How Greek Diaspora Merchants Contributed to the 1821 War of Independence

The contribution of the Greek Diaspora merchants was of great importance for the 1821 Greek War of Independence due to their financial aid and...

The Battle of Valtetsi Determined Course of 1821 Greek Revolution

The Battle of Valtetsi was the first major victory of the 1821 Greek Revolution and determined the course of the War of Independence

Greek Warriors Liberate Kalamata on March 23, 1821

The Greek War of Independence started a few days earlier than the official declaration with the liberation of Kalamata on March 23, 1821

American Philhellenes and the Greek Revolution of 1821

American Philhellenes came to the aid of the Greek people during the Greek Revolution of 1821 and became brothers in arms for liberation.

Greek Folk Songs from the 1821 Revolution

Greek folk songs of the 1821 Revolution not only told stories of brave revolutionaries, but also served as historical texts and diffusors of tradition

Was 1821 a Greek Revolution or a War of Independence?

The Greek War of Independence was the subject of an online lecture co-hosted by the Consulate General of Greece in Boston and College Year in Athens.

The 1821 Greek Revolution Comes to Life on Public Buildings

The 1821 Greek Revolution came alive throughout the country on Saturday via the projection mapping technique for the 200-year anniversary

Greek Fashion Designer Creates Unique 1821-Inspired Collection

Greek fashion creator Eleanna Tabouri has created an elegant capsule collection inspired by traditional Greek costumes and 1821 fashion. 

The Greek Revolution of 1821: A Short Documentary

On March 25 1821, a few brave Greeks started a revolution against the mighty Ottoman Empire that ultimately resulted in the formation of the...

Prince Charles: Today, As in 1821, Greece Can Count on Her Friends

Prince Charles, paid a touching tribute to the historic ties between the U.K., and Greece during a speech in Athens.