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Dutch Journalist Causes Stir in Greece over Migrant Pushbacks

Dutch journalist Ingeborg Beugel continues to cause stir after publicly accusing Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis of "lying" about migrant pushbacks. On Tuesday, during a...

Apartment Prices in Greece Skyrocket

Apartment prices in Greece have skyrocketed, estimated that in the second quarter of 2021 nominal prices increased by an average 4.6 percent

Best Cities for Digital Nomads in Greece

Greece and its cities and islands is the perfect hot-bed country for the post-pandemic, self-disciplined Digital Nomad.

Spiegel: 'Greece, the Deceptive Calm of August'

German magazine Spiegel published an extensive article titled "Greece, the deceptive calm of August" - referring to the immediate challenges faced by Greek Prime...

Are Migrants Entering Europe Being Treated As Criminals

By Dimitris Dalakoglou and Antonios Alexandridis The European Union, one of the strongest economies in the world and home to some of the most advanced state apparatuses...

Former Cabinet Secretary Takis Baltakos to Form New Right-Wing Party

Takis Baltakos, former cabinet secretary and righthand man of Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, is planning to create a new rightwing political force that could...

Klein Decries Beastly Austerity in Greece

The Canadian activist journalist and author Naomi Klein, declared her solidarity to the Greek people, who have been living under the shock doctrine the...

Myrto Papatanasiu might have been born to play the Lady of the Camellias aesthetically but her singing is brittle

What makes an opera production “classic”? I ask this rhetorically, because, in an age when opera companies increasingly turn up their noses at endless...

The Comedy Stylings of Tina Fey

By Jim Ballas “30 Rock” will make its third season premiere on NBC on October 30, 2008. This television show has met with a...

Yanni Begakis

The Greek legend of the Golden Globe Awards!