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Strangest Archaeological Finds of 2021 Include Athenian Curse Jar

The strangest archaeological finds of 2021 -- during yet another strange year for humanity -- cast their spells on the world this past twelve...

The Ten Best Ancient Greek Archaeological Discoveries of 2021

Archaeologists working under the auspices of Greece's Ministry of Culture and Sports announced a spectacular discovery in January, which proved to be only one...

Parthenon Marbles Off Limits to British Museum Visitors

For those keeping track of the British Museum's treatment of the Parthenon Marbles, the statues and friezes taken by Lord Elgin from atop the...

Interpol Lists Looted Art, Antiquities on International Archaeology Day

International Archaeology Day, celebrated on October 16 every year, is a time to take stock of the pieces of looted art and antiquities from...

National Hellenic Society: Bringing Young Greek-Americans Closer to Greece

The National Hellenic Society (NHS), an association of Greek American leaders, visionaries, and philanthropists, is at the forefront of efforts to keep the next...

Athens is Focal Point of International Press in Late September

Apart from its history and its museums, Athens is expected to become the focus of international press in late September because of a series...

Take a Dive Into a Unique Underwater Museum in Cyprus

An underwater museum in Cyprus named MUSAN invites guests to scuba dive or snorkel to view a collection of stunning statues on the sea floor. 

Petition Asks British Museum to Return “Karpathos Lady” Statue

The "Karpathos Lady" statue has been housed in the British Museum, but a petition was launched on Monday to bring her back to Greece.

New Archaeological Museum Opens in Chalkida, Greece

A new museum, named the Archaeological Museum of Chalkida, is opening its doors to the public for the first time on Monday.

Exhibition at Athens Museum Celebrates Battles of Thermopylae, Salamis

The exhibition at the Athens National Museum titled "Glorious Victories" is part of a major program, and its Celebrating Greek Battles Anniversary