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Children literature brings Greece and China together

An agreement of cultural exchange between Greek and Chinese authors and publishing houses will be signed during the 17th Beijing International Book Fair, promoting...

Greek Literature Night in Berlin

The Young Euro Classic, a Festival of Classic Music for young people that takes place in Berlin, organized a Greek literature night entitled: “Ode...

Modern Greek Language and Literature Department in Ankara

On Wednesday, 2/6/2010 at the Embassy of Greece in Ankara, an event was held for the fourth year students and the professors of the...

How Homer’s Epics Survived After the Fall of the Ancient Greek World

Homer's Iliad and Odyssey were the two epics that brought the ideas of Greek civilization to the world and served as the foundation of...

How Ancient Greeks Spread Buddhism to the Known World

Buddhism, a religion, or according to some, a path towards experiencing ultimate reality, was founded by Siddhārtha Gautama, a man from India also referred...

How Many Cities Are Named Athens Around the World?

Inspired by the Greek capital's long history of democracy, countless cities across the world have adopted the name of Athens as their own.

The American Author Who Fell in Love With the Greek Language

Mary Norris is an American author who learned the Greek language during her twenty-four-year career at the famous ''New Yorker'' magazine.

Nikos Kazantzakis: The Greatest Greek Writer of the 20th Century

Nikos Kazantzakis is for many the best Greek writer of the 20th century and his books have been translated more than any of his contemporaries.

The Flowering of Athens in the Fifth Century B.C.

In Athens, the fifth century BC served as a period in which art, literature, and thought flourished, and it ultimately defines our image of...

Philokalia: The Massive Collection of Byzantine Texts Saved by a Greek Monk

Devout Greek ascetic Monk Nikodemos made it his life work to preserve and revive the Byzantine spiritual wisdom through traditional Christian Orthodox practices