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The Awe-Inspiring Helmet of Ancient Greek Warrior Miltiades

The discovery of the helmet of Miltiades is one of the most important archaeological finds in history.

Ukraine Rips Elon Musk for Thwarting Attack Against Russian Fleet

Ukraine has accused Elon Musk of “committing evil” after a new biography revealed that the business magnate ordered his Starlink satellite communications network to...

Ancient Greece’s Antidote to War Was Theater and Sports

  Contrary to war, theater was a place of light and allowed Greeks to face each other and learn of their history together in the...

The Battle of Marathon Saved Western Civilization 2,500 Years Ago

In September of the year 490 BC, just 42 km outside of Athens, an army of brave Greeks saved their city from the invading Persian army.

The Most Brutal Holy Wars in History

Religious wars have been a pervasive feature of human history across the world. Time and time again, members of one faith have taken up...

Battle of Thermopylae: When the Greeks Fought to Defend Western Civilization

The Battle of Thermopylae and the fight of 300 Spartans against 10,000 elite Persian soldiers is a magnificent moment in Greece's history.

Ares vs. Mars: What Seperates the Greek and Roman Gods of War?

The ancient Greek and Roman gods are often virtually indistinguishable, but the two neighboring Mediterranean civilizations perceived their respective gods of war, Ares and...

Fire Hazard Warning Issued in Greece as Heatwave Persists

Authorities in Greece issued a fire hazard warning as the heatwave codenamed "Kleon", which has been affecting Greece over the past four days continues. The...

The Griffin Warrior: A Staggering Discovery from Ancient Greece

The discovery of the Griffin Warrior Tomb is a fascinating archaeological find as it seems to link the Minoan and the Mycenaean civilizations

The Trojan War: History or Myth?

The Trojan War as described magnificently in Homer's Iliad is so vivid that is considered by many as historical fact and not an epic poem