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Greece and India Become Strategic Partners

India and Greece have now become “strategic partners,” announced Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi and Prime Minister of Greece H.E. Kyriakos Mitsotakis....

Shipping Is Part of Greece’s Identity

When pondering why Greeks are so involved in shipping, the answer seems obvious. A country of peninsulas and an archipelago, it is hardly a...

The Ancient Greek Sanctuaries and Temples of Olympia

The sanctuaries and temples of ancient Olympia are some of the oldest and most important in all of Ancient Greece. Forming the backdrop to...

The Ancient Oracle of Delphi, Greece

The Oracle of Delphi has become a byword for prophecy, and many of the glories of Delphi's architecture and art have survived to this day.

Saints Cyril and Methodius: Founders of Greek Orthodoxy in Russia, Ukraine

Saints Cyril and Methodius, brothers born in Thessaloniki, were the main influence for establishing Greek Orthodoxy in Slavic nations

Ancient Greek Inventions Still Used Today

Many Ancient Greek inventions, created many centuries ago, still play an incredibly large role in our daily lives today.

Bulgari Family Visits Their Ancestral Village in Greece

The Bulgari family visited their ancestral village of Paramythia in Epirus, where the world-famous jewelry house made its first steps in 1870. Nicola Bulgari, grandson...

How The Gold of Florence Revived Greco-Roman Classical Art

In the early 1200s, the flourishing Roman-barbarian city of Florence was filling its banks and institutions with gold. Close to Rome and bordering on...

How the Greek Language Was Preserved by Orthodox Martyrs During Ottoman Rule

The Greek language survived almost 400 years of Ottoman rule due to the Greek Orthodox Church, which protected and taught the language.

Imposing Walls Defended Constantinople For Ten Centuries

As the wealthy capital of the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire, Constantinople was a tempting target for many rulers during late antiquity and the Medieval...