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How Did the Byzantines (Eastern Romans) Celebrate Christmas?

In the fourth century AD, the Romans abandoned the Classical pagan pantheon for Christianity. This meant swapping Saturnalia festivities for Christmas celebrations. From these...

What Do Greeks Have Against Tuesday the 13th?

Like the Anglo-Saxons consider Friday the 13th a bad luck day, Greeks have branded Tuesday the 13th as a day you'd rather stay home...

How Byzantine Architecture Influenced the World

Despite relative obscurity in Western historiography, Byzantine architecture has had a profound influence across the world. The Byzantines, also known as the Eastern Romans,...

Ancient Greek City of Chersonesus in Crimea Founded 2,500 Years Ago

The UNESCO-listed city of Chersonesus (Greek: Χερσόνησος), located on the southwestern part of the Crimean peninsula—now part of Russia after its 2014 invasion of...

Via Egnatia: The Ancient Engineering Marvel That Traverses Northern Greece

The Via Egnatia was an ancient Roman road that stretched across an impressive distance between the Adriatic coast and Byzantium (modern day Istanbul) on...

Monastery of the Philosopher Among Oldest Byzantine Monuments in Greece

The Monastery of the Philosopher in Arcadia, dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, is steeped in Greek history

The Ten Oldest Inhabited Cities in Greece

Many of the oldest inhabited cities in Greece are still standing against all odds. They have survived to this day to narrate the history...

Ancient Greek Inventions Still Used Today

Many Ancient Greek inventions, created many centuries ago, still play an incredibly large role in our daily lives today.

The Most Important Ancient Greek Colonies in History

The first ancient Greek colonies were established as early as the 8th century BC, while wide colonization continued through the 5th

NHS Heritage Weekend Brings Together Best And Brightest Greek Americans

The National Hellenic Society held their annual Heritage Weekend honoring Emmy & Golden Globe Winning Best Actor Michael Chiklis this past weekend, Oct 7-10,...