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Humans and Neanderthals Cohabitated in Europe, New Study Finds

Neanderthals and humans cohabitated in Europe for over two thousand years according to a new study. They may have even bred together and exchanged...

China Launches New Satellite to Study the Sun

China's first dedicated observatory for thorough solar investigation will launch from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center on October 9. 

Mediterranean Diet Invented by Ancient Greeks, Study Reveals

Ancient Greek doctors invented the renowned Mediterranean diet, as Hippocratic physicians prescribed healthy diets and used rich flavors in food in order to treat...

New Study Finds Dogs can Detect Stress in Humans

Dogs can detect the physiological processes associated with an acute psychological stress response, which produces changes in human breath and sweat, with an accuracy...

Vikings Were in North America Before Columbus, Study Claims

Vikings from Greenland were living in North America's Newfoundland 1,000 years ago according to evidence from a recent study. Newfoundland is located in Maritime Canada. Scientists...

DNA Study Shows When Ancient Greeks Colonized Italy

A recent DNA study by an international team of scientists showed when Ancient Greeks colonized Magna Graecia in Italy. Magna Graecia is the name of...

Dolphins Form Largest Alliance Network After Humans, Study Finds

An international team of scientists led by experts at the University of Bristol has revealed that male bottlenose dolphins establish the largest known multi-level...

New Study Shows Humans Differ From Neanderthals Due to Growing Brains

A new scientific study suggests that human brains make more neural connections during development, a phenomenon that leads to growing brains and differentiates us...

Study of Fossil Skulls Sheds Light on Neandertals Mating with Modern Humans

An exploratory study by North Carolina State University is offering new insights on the interbreeding between Neandertals and modern humans.

Solar Eclipse Prompted Ancient Greeks to Study the Stars

A Solar eclipse was one of the phenomena that prompted the ancient Greeks to come up with the most brilliant astronomic discoveries.