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La Grecia Salentina: Where Greek Language and Culture Still Survive

Nine villages in southern Italy collectively known as La Grecia Salentina (Salentine Greece) or, in the local dialect, Griko have maintained aspects of the...

How Similar are the Ukrainian and Russian Languages?

Ukrainian and Russian are very closely related languages, but are not as similar as many might think. Despite sharing the Cyrillic script and a similar...

Multilingual Journalist Reports From Ukraine in Six Different Languages

A multilingual journalist's coverage of the Ukraine crisis — in six languages — made waves on social media on Monday. In a video posted to...

Pronunciation of Greek is Major Problem in Speaking the Language

Pronunciation of Greek is the major problem in learning the language, according to an English speaker living on the island of Crete. "My plea to...

The Greek Language is Not Dying; It’s Merely Changing

Is the Greek language, one of the most ancient languages in history of mankind, dying due to an avalanche of foreign words being introduced?

Greek Among Hardest Languages for English Speakers to Learn

Despite the fact that Greek roots are found throughout English, Greek is among the hardest languages for English speakers to learn.

The American Author Who Fell in Love With the Greek Language

Mary Norris is an American author who learned the Greek language during her twenty-four-year career at the famous ''New Yorker'' magazine.

Naples Joins Celebration of International Greek Language Day

International Greek Language Day which is celebrated on Wednesday (February 9) will have the wider support of the Greeks of Italy

The Magic of the Greek Language — in a Spanish Song

Greek is used in every language throughout the world. This Spanish oldie by an Argentinian musical group called Apurimac, featuring Greek singer Elli Paspala,...

Greek Among Sexiest Languages in the World, Study Finds

According to new research conducted by the e-learning platform Preply, Greek is the fifth-sexiest language after Russian, French, Portuguese, and Italian. Italian was rated the...