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Destination Dream Weddings Soar in Santorini, Other Greek Islands

Couples from all over the world are flocking to the Greek island of Santorini for their destination dream wedding following the opening up of travel restrictions due...

Top Three Greek Islands Not to be Missed

There are many smaller, lesser known greek islands that are the perfect escape from the crowds of tourists

Erdogan Warns Greece to Stop Arming the Islands, Claims US Bases Target Turkey

President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned Greece on Thursday to stop arming the islands and threatened that Turkey will not hesitate to use...

Avoid the Crowds on These Sparsely Inhabited Greek Islands

Despite their reputation as top tourism destinations, there are some secluded Greek islands with populations numbering under 200 people for those looking for a peaceful vacation.

Viral Illustration of the 20 Largest Greek Islands Gets One Wrong

An illustration of the largest Greek islands at Reddit got one completely wrong. Given that Greece has many islands with estimates ranging from somewhere...

Delta Offers More Travel Options Between the US and Greek Islands

Delta Air Lines and Greek carrier Sky Express have announced an agreement to offer flight connections for customers between the US and the Greek...

Visit Traditional, Unspoiled Islands in Greece

Do you want to experience the authentic spirit of Greece and the Greek people? visit some of the charming and less traveled islands.

Lawrence Durrell’s Odyssey of Greek Islands a Travel Masterpiece

The Greek Islands by Lawrence Durrell remains one of the most exciting travel books. It is a launching place to learn about history, the islands and the people.

Five of the Best Greek Islands for Windsurfing

Greece has over 200 islands for locals and travelers alike to explore. However, when it comes to water sports, and especially windsurfing, some Greek...

The Day Greece Chose the Aegean Islands Over Northern Epirus

February 1, 1914, was a historic day for Greece and the fate of Hellenes of Northern Epirus and the Aegean islands. On that day, the...