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Migrating Birds That Travel 4,000 Miles to Greece Threatened by Extinction

Migrating birds, Aproparis, journey 4000 miles from Africa to Greece to be threatened by immediate extinction by harsh travel, poisoning

The Private Detective Who Devoted His Life to Saving Greece’s Heritage

George Tsoukalis, the private detective who has devoted his life to saving and protecting Ancient Greece's cultural heritage, talks exclusively about his rare profession. Tsoukalis...

Epirus Trail: The Greek Mountain Adventure of Culture, History, and Beauty

The Epirus Trail which boasts an initial length of 370 km (230 miles), is a mountain adventure that crosses Epirus, from Mount Grammos to...

Vikos-Aoos Geopark Among the 5 Most Important in the World

The Vikos-Aoos Geopark in Epirus has been rated as one of the five most important Geoparks in the world, according to UNESCO evaluators

Beckett: What Happened to Subtitles for Greek Dialogue?

“Beckett,” the action thriller shot entirely in Greece, which reached the number one spot on the Netflix trending list days after its release, has no subtitles...

Beckett, Filmed in Greece, Reaches No. 1 in Netflix Debut

“Beckett,” the action thriller shot entirely in Greece, has reached the number one spot on the Netflix trending list days after its release. The film...

Netflix Producers, Directors Praise Greece as Filming Destination

Directors, producers, and actors who worked on the upcoming Netflix film "Beckett," which was shot entirely in Greece, praised the country as the perfect...

Ten Traditional Greek Villages Waiting to be Explored

The Greek villages represent an incredible alternative for those looking to get away from the busy rhythm of the islands and beaches

Greece Supports Sheffield University’s Archaeology Department

The University of Sheffield's Archaeology department, facing the threat of permanent closure, received a huge show of support from Greece.

United Kingdom Returns Twelve Stolen Religious Icons to Greece

A nineteenth-century religious icon showing the Baptism of Christ, along with another eleven icons stolen in 2005 from the Church of the Dormition of...