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The Other Battle of Thermopylae: When Celts Invaded Ancient Greece

Thermopylae is most famous for the battle which took place there in 480 BC. It was a battle in which the heavily outnumbered three...

Greece Nominates Mount Olympus as Natural World Heritage Site

Greece nominated Mount Olympus, the mythical residence of the Greek gods, as a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site.

The 18 UNESCO Heritage Monuments of Greece

Greece has 18 World Heritage Monuments in its territory according to UNESCO the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization. World Heritage Sites are designated...

Meze, the DNA of Greek Food

Meze, or Mezedes are the very DNA of Greek food. By Giorgio Pintzas Monzani A sip, a bite, a word. For those who know the world...

Byzantine Army: The World’s Most Formidable Multi-Ethnic Force

The Byzantine Army was among the most powerful and effective military forces in the world from the 7th to the 12th centuries. Starting to operate...

The Legend of the Last Byzantine Emperor, Constantine Palaiologos

In 1453, the Ottomans seized Constantinople, ending the Byzantine Empire and the life of its last emperor, Constantine Palaiologos.

Ropoto: Inside Greece’s Sinking Ghost Town

Ropoto was once a thriving village near Trikala in Greece's Thessaly and home to three hundred families, but a landslide in 2012 turned the...

Greece Issues Weather Warning as ‘Bogdan’ May Develop into Medicane

Authorities in Greece issued a weather warning on Monday after the weather system "Bogdan," which could develop into a Medicane, moved from Italy to...

War and Theater in Ancient Greece

  Contrary to war, theater was a place of light and allowed Greeks to face each other and learn of their history together in the...

Battle of Thermopylae: When the Greeks Fought to Defend Western Civilization

The Battle of Thermopylae and the fight of 300 Spartans against 10,000 elite Persian soldiers is a magnificent moment in Greece's history.