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The New Military Leadership of Greece

Greece’s top decision-making body for foreign affairs and defense matters KYSEA, conducted a major overhaul of the military leadership on Friday. Chaired by PM Kyriakos...

Greek Bougatsa Among the Top Breakfasts in the World

The Greek bougatsa has been ranked fourth best breakfast in the world according to ratings compiled by TasteAtlas this week. TasteAtlas is an experiential travel...

Darkness in the Tunnel of the Tempe Railway Disaster  in Greece

In the aftermath of the Tempe railway disaster in Greece, the affected area was covered up by the state to conceal vital evidence, with...

Majestic Swans Make Kerkini Lake in Greece Their Home for Winter

Dozens of migratory swans have arrived from northern Europe to the Kerkini Lake in northern Greece this week for the winter months.

Northern Lights Dazzle in Appearance Over Northern Greece

The northern lights lit up much of Thessaloniki, Serres, Xanthi, and other cities in northern Greece on Sunday in a rare spectacle so far...

Greeks of Cappadocia Left Indelible Mark on History

The Greeks of Cappadocia, in central-eastern Anatolia, created their own flourishing culture in ancient times that thrived for millennia.

The Must-See Ancient Greek Site of Amphipolis

The ancient Greek city of Amphipolis, one of Greece's many exceptional archaeological sites, was an Athenian colony founded in 437 BCE on the older...

The Astonishing Story of the First Female Greek Immigrant to Australia

Ekaterini Plessou-Crummer, the first female Greek immigrant to Australia in the mid-1800s, has an incredible personal story that is filled with encounters with historical...

Dormition of the Virgin Mary Celebrated in Splendor Across Greece

Greece celebrated the Dormition of the Virgin Mary with great splendor and devotion at places of pilgrimage across the country and beyond.

The Story of Greek Ice Cream: The Essential Summertime Treat

What is the history of ice cream, the perfect summertime treat, in Greece?