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Stray Dog Moves from Greece to New Life in Germany on a Bicycle

A dog in Greece found a new lease of life - rescued in Crete from a chained life and moved to Germany crossing Europe on a bicycle!

Greek Woman Dies Following AstraZeneca Vaccine Blood Clot

A 44-year-old woman passed away on Monday due to a blood clot following the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine.

Coronavirus Vaccine Linked to Two New Clotting Incidents in Greece

Two recent blood clotting incidents in Greece are linked to the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine, the EOF announced on Friday. 

Flotilla of Fishing Boats Brings Home-Made Food to Navy Frigate Patrolling Greek Waters

A flotilla of Greek fishing boats loaded with fresh home-made food, vegetables and other supplies set sail recently from the town of Myrtos, near...

Greece's Plan to Secure Islands Stay Coronavirus-Free in Summer 2020

Greek islands are preparing to host their first tourists as the country opens up to foreign travel beginning on June 15. Authorities say that they...

Magnitude 6.0 Earthquake Strikes South of Crete Causing Mini Tsunami

An earthquake measuring 6 on the Richter scale hit the sea area south of Crete on Saturday afternoon. According to the Geodynamic Institute of Athens,...

Dog Chained to Tree in Cretan Wilderness Gets Second Chance at Life (video)

A dog found chained to a tree in the middle of nowhere in southern Crete was rescued on Tuesday by a local animal lover...

Provocative Turkish-Libyan Deal Aims to Limit Greece's Maritime Zone

Greece responded with anger over the joint Turkish-Libyan agreement to discuss a new delineation of Turkey's maritime borders which includes waters off the Greek...

Greeks Commemorate Nazi Atrocities at Viannos on September 16

Locals and government officials honored the memory of the 500 victims of the Viannos Holocaust by the Nazis on September 14-16, 1943 with ceremonies...

Venomous Lionfish Spotted in Waters off Crete

Lionfish, a species of ray-finned fish which are native to the region of the western Indo-Pacific, have been recently spotted in the waters off...