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Top Greece Destinations Too Expensive for Locals

Due to the country's economic crisis, many vacation destinations in Greece have become exceedingly expensive, so much so that average Greeks cannot afford to...

Greek Inflation Rate Soared to 11.3 percent in May

Much like in many parts of the world, the inflation rate in Greece has soared to its highest rate in nearly thirty years this...

Inflation in Greece Soars by 7.2% Following Rise in Electricity, Fuel

Greece's annual inflation rate soared by 7.2% in February compared to 6.2% in January, which has accelerated a trend that has followed the COVID-19...

Unemployment in Greece Falls to 11-Year Low in December 2021

Greece's unemployment rate fell to 12.8% in December 2021, marking a significant decline over December 2020's 13.4% and November 2020's 15.5%, according to official...

Greece’s Annual Inflation Rate Jumped to 6.2% in January

Greece's annual inflation rate jumped to 6.2 percent in January from 5.1 percent in December and -2 percent in January 2021, the Hellenic Statistical...

Hostility Towards Census Workers in Greece Leads to Mass Resignations

The Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT) is currently conducting the 2021 Census of the Greek population. Citizens’ hostility has led to mass resignations of census...

Baby Born on Small Island Gives Hope for Greece’s Birth Rate

A new baby was recently born on Ag. Eftratios, an island of 270; this is of enormous import in the effort to increase Greece's birth rate.

Unemployment Rises in Greece, Particularly Amongst Young People

Unemployment increased in Greece over the past year reaching 46.8 percent in young people under 25, according to a report released last Wednesday.

Birth Rate Declines in Greece Despite Lockdown

Although many expected the birth rate to increase during lockdown, when couples are stuck indoors with little to do, the number of births in...

Greece Set to Raise $3 Billion from 30-Year Bond Issue

Greece's 30-year bond, issued on Wednesday has attracted great demand, the public debt management agency announced.