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The Lost Letters of the Greek Alphabet

The Greek alphabet has changed in many ways over the course of its existence. This is hardly surprising, given that the Greeks have been...

Five Breathtaking Greek Island Monasteries Built on Cliffs

In older times, Greek monks were trying to build monasteries in places that were hidden or difficult to access in order to protect them from bandits, invaders, and conquerors.

The Greek Rivals Who United and Brought Souvlaki to Colombia

The story of two Greek immigrants in Colombia serves as a lesson of what the nation can achieve when united. Petros Gkrilis and George Sitaras...

Greek Culture Celebrated in Melbourne, Sydney Festivals

Thousands of Greek culture and cuisine enthusiasts flocked the Antipodes Greek Festival in Melbourne this weekend, February 24 and 25. 

Epirus Trail: The Greek Mountain Adventure of Culture, History and Beauty

The Epirus Trail which boasts an initial length of 370 km (230 miles), is a mountain adventure that crosses Epirus, from Mount Grammos to...

The Greek Monkey Mystery, an Important Clue to Bronze Age World

Ancient frescoes like that of the Greek monkeys on Santorini suggest Europe and south Asia had trade links as long as 3,600 years ago.  By...

Scientists Decode Golden Ratio of Ancient Greek Riace Bronze Statues

One of the famous ancient Greek Riace Bronzes was found to have had its teeth designed following the mathematical value of the golden ratio.

Cleopatra, The Greek Queen of Ancient Egypt

Cleopatra VII Philopater ruled over Ancient Egypt from 51 to 30 BC and was the last ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom in Egypt. After...

Why Was the Ancient Greek City of Hadrianopolis Suddenly Abandoned?

Archaeologists believe they will soon solve the mystery regarding the ancient Greek city of Hadrianopolis, located in the Eskipazar district of the Black Sea...

Celebrate Spring With Ancient Greek Tradition of Martis Bracelets

Spring is (almost) in the air in Greece, and Greeks will soon begin preparations to welcome the new season by celebrating an ancient annual...