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The Greatest Ancient Greek Orator and Politician, Demosthenes

Demosthenes is considered the most important orator of antiquity and of all times, as many of his speeches were studied by students of rhetoric for centuries

Ancient Greek “Nestor’s Cup” Contained Remains of Three People

An ancient Greek grave with a Nestor's Cup that was believed to contain the remains of a child has recently been found to be...

Greece’s Rovies Food Festival Guests Captivated by Sustainable Cuisine

Dozens of local and international visitors traveled to northern Evia, central Greece, to attend the first Rovies Food Festival.

DNA Study Shows When Ancient Greeks Colonized Italy

A recent DNA study by an international team of scientists showed when Ancient Greeks colonized Magna Graecia in Italy. Magna Graecia is the name of...

Lichadonisia: Experience the Mythical and Exotic Greek Islets

There is history and mythology abounding throughout Greece, and the exotic Greek islands of Lichadonisia are no exception. The enticing, magical tales of the creation...

DNA Study Finds Etruscans Originated From Steppes—Not Anatolia

The mystery of the origins of the Etruscan people—the center of an enigma that stretches back millennia—has recently been solved, due to the miracles...

From Thermia to Kythnos: The Evolution of a Greek Island

The island of Kythnos in Greece, which has evolved immensely in the past few years, is also called Thermia (or Thermiá), at least since...

The Greek Islands: How Were they Named?

To find the etymology behind the names of Greek islands, one should take into account a number of factors, including ancient Greek mythology and even...

Yoga in Greece: The Perfect Idea for Your Summer Break

Greece has one more reason to become your next summer destination, and that's none other than yoga. The country is emerging as an excellent choice...

Travel to Greece’s Majestic Evia Island

Evia island is one of the most beautiful in Greece, yet it is not advertised like its more glamorous siblings in the Aegean