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Summer Byzantium Theme in Delphi

Byzantium will be the central theme[...]

Byzantium Exhibition Presented at Washington, D.C. Museum in 2013

A big exhibition about the Byzantium era will be presented in a Washington, D.C. museum in 2013, including exhibits which will come from the...

Byzantine Museum new exhibition: 'From Byzantium to the Modern Era'

The Byzantine Museum in Athens has opened its new permanent exhibition titled "From Byzantium to the Modern Era". The exhibition features the Museums Post Byzantine...

Byzantium Splendor and Everyday Life

A wide-ranging selection of magnificent and historically important works of art brings to life the fascinating history and art of the Byzantine Empire. The exhibition...

The Forgotten Legacy of Byzantine Education and Learning

The Byzantines, also known as the Eastern Romans, were a literate and articulate people, with a far greater appreciation for education than most of...

Greek Fire: The Weapon That Protected the Byzantine Empire

Greek fire was a mysterious incendiary weapon that helped the mighty Byzantine Empire survive and ensure its vast sovereignty for centuries

Mani, Greece: A Destination of Unique Beauty and Rich History

The Mani peninsula in the Peloponnese has a unique, stark landscape and its rich history and traditions make it a stunning destination.

Will Handwriting Be Lost Forever as We Write Less in Cursive?

Cursive handwriting -- the flowing, graceful script that was the hallmark of the written word for millennia, until the advent of the printing press...

The Gifts of the Three Magi: The Most Precious Relics on Mount Athos

Among the innumerable treasures and holy relics preserved at the Holy Monastery of St. Paul on Mt. Athos (in Greek Άγιον Όρος, meaning "Holy...

Ancient Greeks Predicted Robots, Claims Stanford Historian

Ancient Greeks not only created the foundations of modern civilization, but they also predicted robots and other future technological innovations, according to a book...