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The Most Important Ancient Greek Colonies in History

The first ancient Greek colonies were established as early as the 8th century BC, while wide colonization continued through the 5th

Manuscript Reveals Battle Between Greeks and Goths at Thermopylae

An ancient manuscript that has recently come to light indicates that in 262 AD there was another battle at Thermopylae that essentially saved Greece...

The Greek Village that Boasts the True Descendants of the Spartans

There is a Greek village in Mani, Peloponnese, called Neochori, where its residents boast they are true descendants of ancient Sparta.

Ancient Diolkos Stone Road Allowed Ships to Go From Ionian to Aegean

The Diolkos stone road, an ancient Greek engineering marvel, allowed ships to travel overland from the Ionian Sea to the Aegean, bypassing the Peloponnesian...

52 Million-Year-Old Bat Skeletons Discovered in Wyoming

Scientists have identified a new species of bat, which is the oldest bat skeleton found in the world. This discovery has helped to fill...

The Most Powerful Artifacts in Greek Mythology

In addition to a myriad of unforgettable gods, demigods, creatures, and characters, Greek mythology is full of powerful artifacts. These items are immensely varied. Some,...

Germanos: A Misunderstood Hero of the Greek War of Independence

One of the most well-known paintings of the Greek War of Independence is by Greek artist Theodoros Vryzakis, and depicts Germanos.

The Last Great General of Ancient Greece

Alexander the Great, Philip of Macedon, Themistocles, Leonidas, Lysaner, Pyrrhus of Epirus, and Pericles are all names that stir in the popular imagination when...

Five of Iliad’s Lesser Known Characters Make Grandest Story Ever Told

Homer's Iliad, often considered to be the oldest extant work of Western literature, boasts a diverse cast of vibrant characters. The names of the...

Mani, Greece: A Destination of Unique Beauty and Rich History

The Mani peninsula in the Peloponnese has a unique, stark landscape and its rich history and traditions make it a stunning destination.